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Year-End Roundup 2017


By Jeanette Derby, CEO | 12.22.2017

As we approach the end of 2017, it is an ideal time to reflect on the past year with all of its achievements and challenges in the work place and beyond.  Shifting attitudes are at the forefront driving escalated examination and improvement of ...

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Using Thank You Notes to Advance Your Candidacy


By Jeanette Derby, CEO | 11.17.2017

As recruiters, we are often asked if a handwritten note is appropriate and the answer is any thank you note is welcomed.  Yet in the digital age an email thank you is more than acceptable and often preferred.  An email thank you note ...

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Recruiting Law Firm Management and Staff


Criteria Shifts as Market Surges

By Jeanette Derby, CEO | 03.24.2017

As advancements in technology and increased globalization force accelerated change, law firms are reevaluating and restructuring their internal processes and operations at a rapid pace.  This dynamic has a tremendous effect on legal professionals as firms amend their ...

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Legal E’s Mission: Then and Now


Legal E’s Mission: Then and Now

By Jeanette Derby, CEO | 01.19.2017

January is an ideal time to reflect on past achievements, set goals for the coming year and essentially reexamine your Company’s mission.  Successes are often more easily identified upon reflection and are ultimately a huge ...

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