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Clients and applicants can count on Legal E for prompt and professional service. Just give us a call at 202-319-1500 or Click here to contact us today.

Employee Forms

Welcome to Legal E's employee portal

We're glad you're here! This page has downloadable documents that may be needed to complete the application process. Your Legal E representative will provide specific instructions on which form(s) to complete. Please identify and download the forms applicable to your situation:

Application for Employment or Placement: 

Step 1: Download the "application for employment or placement" (linked) file directly to your comptuer.     

Step 2: Open the file in Adobe Reader (ver.8 & higher), fill out the form based application and digitally sign.  Note: You cannot fill out the application in a browser window, it must be opened in Adobe Reader to complete/sign.  

*Attention Mac Users: Please note that Adobe Form based PDFs do not function properly when using Mac's OS X in "preview app" mode. Open and fill out the form directly in Adobe Reader. 

Retrieve a free copy of Adobe Reader here: AdobeReader

Time Sheets:


Required federal forms: 


Required state forms (based on residency) 

  • VA-4, Virginia withholding exemption certificate 
  • D-4, Washington DC withholding exemption certificate 
  • MW507, Maryland withholding exemption certificate‚Äč


Misc. Forms: