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Competitive Hiring Market?

How Recruiters Can Help Bring in Top Talent

By Jeanette Derby

“What goes up, must come down!”  This is a common expression many of us have uttered or even belted out as familiar lyrics from popular songs.  It is also a mantra relevant to veteran recruiters who naturally anticipate market swings and are accustomed to redirecting activity to account for the notoriously up-and-down supply and demand of the employment market. 

A reduction in unemployment rates usually signals a good future for all of us. Recruiters and hiring organizations, however, start to experience challenges when it comes to attracting top talent. This supply versus demand tension is a predictable trend, yet it sets hiring professionals into a frenzy of juggling too many openings, exhausting their job ad budgets, and guiding clients through the push- and-pull of multiple offers including those untimely counter offers. Veteran recruiters are well accustomed to this roller-coaster and its effects on the marketplace as a whole. They are poised to handle these shifts and always anticipate having to expand efforts and maximum resources for their clients in order to address talent shortages.

In a tight hiring market, staffing agencies enhance in-house recruiting efforts and help facilitate hiring goals.  The benefits of using specialized recruiting services are many -- from being able to leverage many years of progressive industry expertise, mine extensive applicant databases using precise search criteria, and tap into the most effective job websites in each hiring category.  Niche providers are adept at conducting targeted professional searches by enlisting new applicants through strategically designed and orchestrated referral programs, career fairs, and social media blitzes. In order to provide a higher level of confidence in the viability of candidates, it is also a standard industry practice for agencies to offer complete vetting, professional references, education verification and placement guarantees.

Partnering with a reputable placement agency saves time and can be a highly effective cost-cutting measure, particularly in the case of a direct hire search, for example, where an invoice is not sent until a successful placement is secured.  Essentially, clients of agencies enjoy the benefit of a team of recruiters dedicated to their search needs without any charge or risk to them.  What other industry offers such a generous proposition?  Moreover, contract placement agencies deliver swift placement results without the hassle or internal resources needed to execute the advertising, on-boarding, payroll taxes, benefits, and expensive occupational insurance such as Workman’s Compensation, employee bonding, and professional liability. 

Lastly, the most invaluable benefit to partnering with agency recruiters is that they are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their work.  They utilize their contemporary experience to advance successful placement results and are willing to share their deep understanding of talent availability trends and candidate expectations such as job content, compensation, and benefits, which is tremendously beneficial in a highly competitive hiring market and beyond.