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The Importance of Partnering

The Importance of Partnering

By Janice James
Executive Director, Contracts and Special Projects Division

If your firm needs copy paper or printer toner, quite often, any vendor will do. However, if you are responsible for your organization's recruiting efforts and are serious about finding successful staffing solutions in these challenging times, the best solution may not be the use of just any vendor. Recruiting the right talent for your organization is critical. The hiring decisions you make must have an immediate and positive impact on your organization’s bottom line. Having a strategic staffing partner can be your best asset. The challenge, of course, is how to differentiate between a vendor and a partner.

How Do I Find a Staffing Partner?

Be it dating, dancing or business, we know that not everyone is “ideal partner material.” We form partnerships at work, at home, and within our social networks in a multitude of ways because they are critical to our survival in today’s fast-paced world. On the home front, we might partner with day care providers, health care providers, community organizations or contractors. In our professional lives we might partner with co-workers, colleagues, professional associations or consultants.

Whatever criteria you use to form a partnership, we can all agree that certain core capabilities and values must be present to achieve satisfactory results. At Legal E, we believe your chosen staffing partner should have in-depth knowledge of the legal industry and as well as your organization's history, culture, focus, and direction. Whether your need is immediate or long-term, your staffing partner must understand that there is more to staffing your organization than merely filling slots.

What it Means to be an ALA Capital Chapter Platinum Partner

To Legal E, our strategic partnership with ALA's Capital Chapter means building strong relationships with its members and applying the core values necessary for success. Our goal is to become a long-term partner who will add value to you and your organization. We pride ourselves in providing the DC Metro legal community with more than just a service. Our team is comprised of highly experienced people who are passionate about what they do and are engaged in helping you deal with the day-to-day staffing challenges and unique situations that call for that "right" candidate. We are always here to be your partner whether that means assisting you with placements or simply providing advice.

A Bit About Me, Janice James, Legal E's Newest Team Member

While not new to the staffing industry, I am the newest member of the Legal E Team. Most recently, I was the Human Resources Director for Spiegel & McDiarmid LLP, where I was responsible for benefits administration, paralegal and support staff, all aspects of human resources management, and recruiting. Prior to my tenure at Spiegel, I spent 12 years in the recruiting industry where I provided law firms, government agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations with temporary and permanent placement of attorneys, law clerks, paralegals and support staff.

Before making my decision to partner with Legal e, I did my homework, asked myself all of the important questions and concluded that Legal e's values and work ethic were in line with my own. I know that I have found a great new home. I am so excited to be back in the legal staffing industry, proud to be a member of the Legal E Team and eager to serve the legal community through our partnership with the ALA Capital Chapter.