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Nationally partnering with law firms and corporate legal departments across all 50 states to boost staffing initiatives in a cost-effective and seamless manner is our ultimate goal. Legal E provides outstanding legal staffing solutions by offering the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and talent-driven human capital. For job seekers, Legal E offers the guidance of our expert team of recruiters and access to the area's top legal jobs through our online Career Portal. No matter what your employment needs are, Legal E is ready at a moment's notice to provide the solution!   

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Legal E Welcomes Legal Industry Veteran Back to the Team

Legal E Welcomes Legal Industry Veteran Back to the Team

9/4/2019 12:00:00 AM EDT
4 months ago

Washington, D.C., September 4, 2019 - Legal E Employment Partners, an award-winning legal staffing provider in the Washington Metropolitan Area, is excited to announce that Machelle Proctor will be returning to Legal E as the organization's Executive Director.

"We are thrilled to have Machelle rejoin and lead the Legal E team as the Executive Director.  Machelle is a former Legal E team member and as such, we have first-hand knowledge of her exceptional dedication and enthusiasm for business development and innovative talent solutions," says Jeanette Derby, CEO/Founder of Legal E.  Machelle brings to Legal E over 16 years of law firm management expertise as well as her prior experience with us as Legal E's Client Development Manager.

Most recently, Machelle was the Administrative Support Manager at an AmLaw200, global law firm where she directly managed over 100 administrative staff members satisfying the support needs of over 300 attorneys and legal professionals.  She was also instrumental in developing and executing professional development plans to advance the legal skills and professional acumen of the administrative team.  Machelle's law firm experience also includes her tenure as a Secretarial Services Manager and a Senior Manager of Practice Support at an AmLaw100 and an AmLaw200 law firm.  "Machelle's notable law firm management experience and incredible ability to develop enduring partnerships makes her a valuable addition to Legal E.  We look forward to offering our clients her inventive approach and know that she will always strive to enhance the experience of our loyal business partners and deserving candidates," says Derby.     

By spearheading the Legal E team, Machelle will energize efforts to expand our DC and Northern VA market share in the areas of direct-hire placement and contract services of support staff, paralegals, attorneys and executive-level professionals.  "As Executive Director, I am eager to apply my passion for legal staffing and professional development with my unique understanding of the law firm environment from the inside-the pressures, priorities, and requirements.  My plan is to partner with clients to design the most premium staffing and recruiting solutions available," says Proctor.  "Creating long-standing professional relationships with both clients and candidates is a top priority for me and Legal E's outstanding reputation and award-winning stature in the DC metro area's legal community provides me the perfect opportunity for success!"

Legal E Recognized as Winner in Multiple Categories by LegalTimes Readers

Legal E Recognized as Winner in Multiple Categories by LegalTimes Readers

11/5/2018 12:00:00 AM EST
1 years ago

Washington, D.C., November 1, 2018 - Legal E Employment Partners, a premier legal staffing provider in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan Area, is delighted to receive top honors in the 2018 LegalTimes Readers Rankings Survey as the winner of both qualifying categories as found on page 14: “Best Legal/Litigation Support Staffing Agency” and “Best DC-Based Legal Recruiter.”  Since 2012, Legal E has been honored with a total of nine recognition awards by the National Law Journal’s LegalTimes annual survey.

The National Law Journal was established 40 years ago and this year’s LegalTimes Readers Ranking Survey included top professionals in the Washington, DC region who participated by casting their votes for their favorite legal services vendors in 78 categories.

“We are extremely proud to have won the incredible distinctions of DC’s Top Legal/Litigation Staffing Agency and Best DC-Based Legal Recruiter,” says Jeanette Derby, CEO/Founder of Legal E.  “Receiving top recognition in both of these categories is truly energizing, and it reinforces our enduring commitment to providing exceptional services. Upholding the highest level of standards and integrity has always been Legal E’s true hallmark.” 

Derby founded Legal E in 2003 with the intention of modernizing the standard staffing agency model and sought to enhance the client service experience by delivering unparalleled placement assistance and technologically innovative solutions. “The idea that there had to be a better approach was highly motivating for me,” says Derby.  Legal E’s outstanding social media ratings consistently underscore the company’s unique commitment to exceed customer service expectations through its focus on a supportive and streamlined client and candidate experience. With 95% of its customer base derived from client retention and referrals, Legal E’s efforts are consistently recognized and rewarded.

“The Legal E team works extremely hard to preserve the legal community’s trust and we appreciate the many years of encouragement we have received from our loyal business partners.  Receiving top accolades in our industry is a significant honor which reinforces Legal E’s overall mission to deliver the best hiring practices through innovative methods and pledged integrity.  On behalf of the Legal E team, we are truly thankful and remain committed to our role in advancing our customers’ success,” concludes Derby.

In a statement to the legal community, Vice President & General Manger of Legal Media explains, “Best Of showcases the businesses that stand out among their competitors in providing you with the essentials you require to compete in today’s legal market.”  Other categories in the survey of the NLJ’s November 2018 issue include: Best Cybersecurity Provider, Best Social Media Consultant, Best Legal Online Research Vendor, Best Court Reporting Service, Best Document Management Provider, etc. 

To view the entire list of results, click here.

About Legal E:

Founded in 2003, Legal E is recognized as one of DC's most awarded legal employment service providers.  As a 100% woman-owned and operated business, Legal E is dedicated to providing area corporations, non-profits and law firms with talented legal executives, administrative staff, technical specialists, paralegals, litigation support, translators and attorneys for contract and direct-hire services.  To learn more about Legal E, please visit www.mylegale.com or contact one of our highly skilled staffing experts today! 

Contact: Jeanette Derby, CEO
Phone: 202-319-1500
Email: jderby@mylegale.com 

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Competitive Hiring Market?

Competitive Hiring Market?

11/2/2018 12:00:00 AM EDT
1 years ago

How Recruiters Can Help Bring in Top Talent

By Jeanette Derby

“What goes up, must come down!”  This is a common expression many of us have uttered or even belted out as familiar lyrics from popular songs.  It is also a mantra relevant to veteran recruiters who naturally anticipate market swings and are accustomed to redirecting activity to account for the notoriously up-and-down supply and demand of the employment market. 

A reduction in unemployment rates usually signals a good future for all of us. Recruiters and hiring organizations, however, start to experience challenges when it comes to attracting top talent. This supply versus demand tension is a predictable trend, yet it sets hiring professionals into a frenzy of juggling too many openings, exhausting their job ad budgets, and guiding clients through the push- and-pull of multiple offers including those untimely counter offers. Veteran recruiters are well accustomed to this roller-coaster and its effects on the marketplace as a whole. They are poised to handle these shifts and always anticipate having to expand efforts and maximum resources for their clients in order to address talent shortages.

In a tight hiring market, staffing agencies enhance in-house recruiting efforts and help facilitate hiring goals.  The benefits of using specialized recruiting services are many -- from being able to leverage many years of progressive industry expertise, mine extensive applicant databases using precise search criteria, and tap into the most effective job websites in each hiring category.  Niche providers are adept at conducting targeted professional searches by enlisting new applicants through strategically designed and orchestrated referral programs, career fairs, and social media blitzes. In order to provide a higher level of confidence in the viability of candidates, it is also a standard industry practice for agencies to offer complete vetting, professional references, education verification and placement guarantees.

Partnering with a reputable placement agency saves time and can be a highly effective cost-cutting measure, particularly in the case of a direct hire search, for example, where an invoice is not sent until a successful placement is secured.  Essentially, clients of agencies enjoy the benefit of a team of recruiters dedicated to their search needs without any charge or risk to them.  What other industry offers such a generous proposition?  Moreover, contract placement agencies deliver swift placement results without the hassle or internal resources needed to execute the advertising, on-boarding, payroll taxes, benefits, and expensive occupational insurance such as Workman’s Compensation, employee bonding, and professional liability. 

Lastly, the most invaluable benefit to partnering with agency recruiters is that they are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their work.  They utilize their contemporary experience to advance successful placement results and are willing to share their deep understanding of talent availability trends and candidate expectations such as job content, compensation, and benefits, which is tremendously beneficial in a highly competitive hiring market and beyond.

Staff Professional Development

Staff Professional Development

12/22/2017 12:00:00 AM EST
2 years ago

Trends and Benefits

With rising attention centered on staff engagement and effectiveness regarding advancing business demands, Staff Professional Development is a trending topic and sought-after solution throughout professional services industries.  Recently, Brett Dengate and Jeanette Derby of Legal E Employment Partners, addressed the Association of Legal Administrators Northern Virginia Chapter regarding this current and very popular topic.

To demonstrate, Brett conducted an abridged version of his Mastering Your Time course which was extremely well received and offered practical strategies to successfully prioritize workplace tasks and deadlines.  In this 30-minute presentation, participants were exposed to easy-to-follow techniques to initiate and maintain control over busy schedules and to acquire useful methods to achieve goals, enhance work products, and exceed mounting expectations in the do-more-with-less attitudes of today’s ever-changing workplace.

Jeanette followed with a presentation exploring the vast benefits of skills enhancement initiatives as well as tips for developing and executing a purposeful Staff Professional Development program to energize and empower support staff with the necessary skills and confidence to meet contemporary work demands.

Uncovering the many facets of this topic, Jeanette first reviewed the effects surrounding ongoing economic modifications as well as influences on hiring, developing and retaining staff within law firms today.  Recent survey statistics revealed deficiencies in staff engagement and the need to boost commitment and increase overall staff contribution.  Staff Professional Development programs are thought to have a significant impact on many areas to include improving morale and attracting higher quality staff.   Also discussed were the many less obvious yet equally advantageous benefits as listed below: 

  • Aligns staff goals with evolving organizational strategies
  • Supports individual performance management platforms
  • Offers customized support for departments/practices
  • Fosters skills enhancement and actionable feedback
  • Optimizes staff contribution & engagement
  • Nurtures successful launch of operational initiatives
  • Emphasizes performance and development as a top priority
  • Drives innovation and encourages supplemental expertise
  • Recognizes talent/cultivates potential internal promotions
  • Identifies disengaged employees and the potential cause
  • Encourages self-reliance and motivates infinite learning
  • Offers new challenges to attract and retain top talent

As the legal industry becomes more competitive, firms strive to attract and retain top talent with advanced technical aptitude and the ability to accommodate multiple tasks with ever-changing priorities, while being retrained to “share” and expand responsibilities.  The Staff Professional Development movement is thought to be a retention strategy emerging from the teaming concept and it takes traditional training to new heights.  Jeanette detailed how many firms are structuring such programs and revamping their mentoring platforms to compensate for the increasing use of entry-level candidates in a wider variety of administrative roles.  In today’s work environment, it has become a common belief that when firms invest in talent, they optimize the work capacity of staff members while boosting loyalty and morale to create a winning formula.

For more information, please contact:
Jeanette Derby, CEO
Legal E Employment Partners

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Year-End Roundup 2017

Year-End Roundup 2017

12/22/2017 12:00:00 AM EST
2 years ago

By Jeanette Derby, CEO | 12.22.2017

As we approach the end of 2017, it is an ideal time to reflect on the past year with all of its achievements and challenges in the work place and beyond.  Shifting attitudes are at the forefront driving escalated examination and improvement of process requirements, talent acquisition, employee experience, and fiscal management.

Law firms and corporate legal departments always strive to pursue and retain top talent and this year is no exception.  The hiring market is becoming more robust than in recent times, yet even with the desire to supplement staff, law firms remain cautious and continue to scrutinize their every need – even during the process of an active search and after devoting an extraordinary amount of manpower to the selection process.  As technology continues to augment processes, hiring managers are increasingly shifting their talent searches to tech-savvy workers with a high-level of emotional intelligence rather than just a demonstrated skill set. 

This bodes well for contract service providers who help law firms “fill in the gaps” while organizations continue a long and arduous search for the most ideal candidates.  Since it is difficult to qualify an intangible, and with the demand for top talent intensifying, hiring managers are turning to contract staffing as they navigate an intricate search.  To add to the hurdles, management is also faced with the continuation of new and expected employment regulations.    

Legal E Employment Partners continues to make shifts to accommodate client demands and offer hiring enhancement services to serve the legal community’s ever-changing needs to include contract services and contingency placement of staff, management and attorneys which remain a mainstay along with retained Executive Placement and customized Staff Professional Development courses.  Legal E’s dedication to risk-adverse processes reinforces our commitment to providing safeguarded staffing solutions to partner and protect the best interests of our loyal and dedicated clientele.  

It is equally significant to the Legal E professional team that the applicants and contract employees receive welcoming and proper communication throughout their experience working with our organization.  Therefore, we have always encouraged feedback and we are extremely proud to have received exceptionally high ratings from candidates as evident on Yelp, Glassdoor, Facebook, and other sites, and will continue to earn high praises.

To live up to our high marks, and client retention accomplishments, Legal E associates remain steadfast with an unwavering commitment to excellence as we continue to cultivate new avenues to offer top talent and to focus on delivering the best available results.  

Award News Update

LEGAL E is pleased to announce the following:

* Winners 2019 * Awarded Best of LegalTimes since 2012